2D game examples and source?

Hi all. I’m working on a 2D, board-game like computer game. Are there any example 2D games that I can reference? All the samples I have seen have been 3D. One of the older posts referenced a 2D game called Ping!, but I haven’t been able to find its source.

Thanks for the help,

I too am working on a 2d side-strolling hack-and-slash RPG game using Irrlicht, but I’m unable to find any examples that relate to what i’m doing. I would like an example as well so I can continue at work on my project.

Well, you shouldn’t be surprised, that you’ll most liekly only find 3D samples around here. Panda3D is a 3D engine after all.
If you’re into 2D gaming you might want to try PyGame instead.

If you still want to write a 2D game in Panda3D you might want to ask more specific questions about the problems you have, so that we can help you.