2D function in python [solved]

Usually in C was used the matrix for this stuff.

So how am I doing in python a character holder called by two variables.
ex. m(1,2)=c; m(5,3)=t etc.

I want to know how to give him values one by one (for each variable 1 and 2). A read for every two variables and an exact read like something=m(3,2) for example.

Please help!

if you want to store 2D coordinates you can use the vec2d or point2d classes
thought the content of those have to be numerical datatypes.

for a more general approach you can use tuples or lists
for tuples just do:
m = ( 1.432 , 6.341 )

for a list it’s
m = [ 4321.53124 , 4.143 ]

and you can access the single components by doing m[0] or m[1]

I think he rather means something like 2D-lists:

m = [
[1, 2, 3],
[4, 5, 6],
[7, 8, 9]]

print m[0][2]
m[1][0] = 8
five = m[1][1]

Yes I thought of 2D list but my python manual does not wrote how to make exact calls!

Tnx for the answers and sorry for the disturbance!