2 scene graph?


I have a problem and I’m not even sure how to get around it. So here it is:

-I have a introduction of my game with some animation and letters and everything like a movie.

->There are a couple of eggs that are used for letters, logo, etc that needs to be full lightning.
->There are a couple of eggs for example a planet with a space fighter rotating around that need to have a differend lightning, like something ambiant with a directionnal light too.

I know and tested the 2 different lighting but I can get to have them separated from each others… So i think about 2 scene graph but I’m not sure if it’s possible and if it’s a good practice to do that!

So any suggestion guys?


Nobody can help me? :confused:

I can provide some sample code if you need to…!



for lights you have to up cast to node you can pick witch nodes you want you don’t need to scenes for this.

in the www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Example



just use your node and attach any light you like to it. Or no light or disable all lighting.

see www.panda3d.org/apiref.php?page=NodePath

This would mean one scenegraph only.

You could create a dummy node Letters under render and reparent all your letters under “Letters” dummy node,
You could create a dummy node “Scene” under render also and reparrent your shilp and stars and etc… under “Scene”.

Then you may apply the full lighting to the “Letters Dummy Node”
and the ambiant lighting to the “Scene” dummy node.

In theory this may work.

Thanks a lot guys!

In fact, I though about that but it didn’t work the first time so I give up. But now that you tell me it’s the right way, I will try harder!

Thanks again!