2 easy questions screen width and colors

Can some one give me a link to the r,g,b,a font color chart?

Second could I have an example on how to keep text / gui placed against the edge of the screen if the screen size changes?

Thank you JB Skaggs.

I found an easy way for me to get the color codes was to use blender’s material editor and use the slide bars- then just copy them over.

the controlling gui thing was:


then I had to offset the graphic using the element.setPos(element, x,y,z)

JB Skaggs

Note that any 0-255 range color chart will work, you just have to divide the values by 255.0 to get them into the 0-1 range.

:confused: It figures it would be that easy!

Anyway here is my code to place my fire gui block at the top of four other blocks so it aligns with the bottom right of the screen and the text aligns the block.

plane4.setPos(plane4, .10, 0, .70)
plane4.setScale(0.15, 1, 0.15)

textObject5 = OnscreenText(text = str(firegems), scale = 0.07, fg=(1, 1, 1, 1),  shadow=(0, 0, 0, 1), align=(TextNode.ARight))
textObject5.setPos(.16, .72)

I hope this helps someone

JB SKaggs