1.7 release

how much time it will take, till the final release of 1.7?

I am also anticipating that, and I would guess days or weeks.

But if you need the new features you don’t need to wait, grab a Download/Snapshot Build and you’re pretty much at 1.7.0 already.

I am upgrading quite often from snapshot to snapshot and i’ve found them to be quite stable, unless you’re a really unlike fellow.


In the meantime I saw your answer on some other thread, rdb, so… yeah… hooray for tommorow :wink:

Awesome! What does this mean for the browser plugin? Will the specific runtime version be available for awhile, so end users don’t have to constantly update their runtime?

very cool! im very curious into some new and specially the browser feature…

Sweet! :smiley:

As you can see on the download page, I’ve already released version 1.0.0 of the runtime a few days ago. It should not change often anymore. Ideally, it will stay at 1.0.0 forever, if there are no bugs.

Hmm, I have the 1.0 runtime showing in synaptic, but my plugin in firefox shows 0.9.11…

Also, how 'bout a 32 bit for ubuntu?

Where to get 1.7.0 release?

Oh, come on. Don’t be breathing in my neck.

take your time! but it would be very cool if it would released today.

Here you go: :slight_smile:

Sweet - I thought “tomorrow” meant everyday the answer would be tomorrow. :slight_smile: