1.7.0 to 1.7.1 binary compatibility

Are applications built against 1.7.0 supposed to run with the 1.7.1 Panda DLLs? As I understood it, Panda was trying to maintain compat across minor version numbers.

Practically speaking, apps compiled against 1.7.0 worked with 1.7.1 builds until relatively recently (build 60-ish definitely worked, 120ish definitely doesn’t).

At least with the subset of Panda we are currently using, it loads properly (i.e. every export exposed from 1.7.0 is still present in 1.7.1), but very strange/buggy runtime behavior exists).

Generally that’s true, though in fact you’re being misled by the version numbers. There is no 1.7.1 release at this time. The buildbot version incorrectly claims to be numbered 1.7.1, but really it should be something more like 1.8.0.pre.

So the buildbot version isn’t actually guaranteed to be compatible with the 1.7.0 version.


got it, thx.