I just saw the experimental 1.6.0 build on the download page and I was curious, is this different than 1.5.3? What does this build change/add? It wasn’t mentioned in the release notes so it piqued my curiosity. :slight_smile:

1.6.0 was… hm… released too early. dunno if i got everything correct but it goes something like this:
1.5.3 was already flagged for release but after that a few changes/additions in the max exporter where made. so 1.6.0 was released before 1.5.3. after the confusion was cleared it was decided to merge the max-exporter-changes back into 1.5.3 and officially release 1.5.3 and un-release 1.6.0.

or something like that.
once 1.5.3 is released you better pretend 1.6.0 exoerimental never existed until it’s officially released.

Yup, I know about 1.6.0, I just hoped nobody would see it :wink:
But anyways, just ignore 1.6.0, its even older than the 1.5.3 that is to come.

Please forgive me if this is elsewhere and I’ve simply missed it, but is there an estimated release date for 1.5.3 and 1.6.0, respectively?

afaik 1.5.3 is getting uploaded right now.

Aah, cool, thank you. :slight_smile: