1.0.0 Uninstaller

The uninstaller for the 32 MB Windows 1.0.0 exe installer does not remove the Panda3D-1.0.0 folder or the etc folder underneath it. Is there a reason for this?

Maybe it’s set not to remove files that you’ve modified? Maybe you edited Config.prc?

Wild guess.

There were no actual files left in those folders. I can’t remember whether I modified my Config.prc or not. Who makes these installers? Disney? The ETC Panda Team?

The tool is “Netscape Scriptable Install System,” aka NSIS. It is controlled by a script named “panda.nsi” which you’ll find in the “makepanda” directory of the source tree. The script has contributors listed at the top - there are quite a few. The “uninstall” part of the script says:

    RMDir /r "$INSTDIR"

Which means delete the whole thing.

I have another theory. Sometimes, I find that windows just won’t let me delete a directory. Sometimes it’s because I’ve got the directory open in an explorer window, sometimes in a command prompt, and sometimes it’s mysterious. Maybe the installer tried to remove it and windows just said no.

  • Josh

I’m the one who actually builds the installer, using the script I mentioned.